Garden Bar – Luxurious Addition to your Home

The way we design garden rooms at London Town Cabins is as follows: detailed conversations to understand your needs, personalised design proposals taking into account your style and requirements, and finally, a meticulously planned construction process to ensure you are happy with the final result.

This is a joint venture that embraces your love of individuality and combines it with our extensive garden room design experience and resources.
For us, the design options for your garden room will always be infinite.

Let’s explore one of our designs: A garden bar, an inviting extension of your home.

What’s so great about a garden bar? 

“Who wouldn’t want a garden bar at home? It’s such a privilege!”- These were the words of admiration of one of our customers when receiving his garden rooms just as he dreamed it. 

We knew exactly what he meant. His garden bar is a reflection of his style and a special spot to enjoy with family and friends all year round. 

Garden Bar by London Town Cabins
Garden Bar by London Town Cabins

A garden bar in small gardens

At London Town Cabins, we are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible, in any space or location. 

With a garden room, there’s no need to shuffle furniture or rearrange your home every time you entertain guests. 

Many of our customers have even added decks and pergolas to extend their garden rooms, making the most of their outdoor spaces for gatherings with family and friends during the warmer months.

Garden Room by London Town Cabins
Garden Room by London Town Cabins
Garden Room by London Town Cabins

Endless possibilities 

In addition to functioning as a bar, your garden room can also serve as a remote workspace. 

If making the most of your space is a priority, consider a design that offers versatility.

A hybrid design that combines a garden bar with a garden office could be a brilliant option to explore.

Boost your property value 

A thoughtfully designed garden room can significantly increase your property’s value. 

With the work-from-home increasing, garden rooms have become a must-have at home. Potential buyers will appreciate the additional living space and the fine craftsmanship of a timber garden room, making your home more attractive in the competitive housing market.

Getting started with your garden bar 

Before diving into designing your garden bar, it’s essential to determine if you need planning permission.

In most instances, garden buildings are classified under permitted development rights, which means you likely won’t require planning permission.

Learn more about planning permission.

Create Your Dream Garden Bar

A luxurious garden bar calls for a custom design that mirrors your style and needs. 

Here are some contemporary garden room ideas to spark your imagination:

Picking a theme

Opt for a theme that resonates with your interests or aesthetic preferences. 

Whether you’re drawn to a classic pub-style garden room or a chic, contemporary garden room furnished with modern pieces, the decision is entirely up to you.

Garden Bar by London Town Cabins
Garden Bar by London Town Cabins

Plan the perfect layout 

Think about how you’ll use your garden bar and plan the layout accordingly. 

Do you need a dedicated seating area, room for a pool table, or even a small stage for live performances? Planning ahead ensures your garden room caters to all your desires.

Garden Bar by London Town Cabins
Garden Bar by London Town Cabins

Choose quality materials  

The final product’s quality is of the utmost importance, something we never compromise on.

Select top-notch materials, like timber, to build your garden room. A timber garden room is not only visually pleasing but also highly durable and energy-efficient, guaranteeing you can relish your garden bar all year round.

Add some extra flair 

Keep it Comfortable by installing heating and cooling systems, you can make your garden bar a cosy haven regardless of the season or weather.

Set the mood with lighting

A well-thought-out lighting plan can produce a warm and inviting atmosphere in your garden room. 

Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to boost the space’s functionality and charm.

Garden Bar by London Town Cabins
Garden Bar by London Town Cabins

Stay organised with storage 

Don’t forget to include plenty of storage space for glassware, liquor, and other bar necessities. Built-in shelving or cabinets can help you keep your garden bar neat and clutter-free.

Partnering with a garden room company 

For a successful garden bar project, it’s essential to partner with a reputable garden room company that specialises in bespoke garden buildings. 

At London Town Cabins, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are known for our bespoke design service, where an extra level of detail is added to each project.

We create fully tailored luxury garden cabins, using high-quality timber and finishing them to an exceptional standard. This ensures that your dream cabin will not only fit any space but also exude an attractive and luxurious feel.

Garden Bar London, garden room

Here’s what you can expect when working with us, a trusted garden room company:

Expert Guidance in you garden room project

As a knowledgeable garden room company, we have been providing great garden ideas for homeowners and commercial clients alike. 

Our team of experts will work with you to create your building, using top quality materials and skills. We can help you to develop the whole concept that will provide you with a uniquely bespoke room to suit your specific needs.

Bespoke garden room creations

As a garden room company specialising in bespoke designs, we will work closely with you to create a garden bar customised to your precise requirements.

From selecting the right materials to determining the perfect layout and features, your garden room will be a reflection of your personal style and preferences.

Top-notch craftsmanship 

 We always use top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to construct your garden bar.

This ensures that your garden building will be both visually impressive and durable, offering you a luxurious outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.

Making your garden bar affordable 

Investing in a garden bar can entail considerable costs. Consider it a long-term investment that will boost your property’s value and provide additional living space. 

To make your garden bar more affordable, explore financing options.

With your garden bar complete, it’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

The end result is a beautiful building that you can use and enjoy right away. We love what we do and our goal is always to finish with a smile of satisfaction and joy.” 

David Duval-Johnston —

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Innovative Garden Room Concepts to Inspire Your Next Home Improvement Project

If you’re thinking of adding a garden room to your home, don’t limit yourself to just practical ideas. Get creative and think of ways to make it a fun and inspiring space for year round use.

You can go for traditional extensions or a unique covered deck and enjoy an attractive and practical area that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.

To top it off, you can also add storage space to your garden room to make it a more practical garden building.

Small Garden Room Office London
Small Garden Room Office by London Town Cabins
Garden Room Office London
Small Garden Room Office by London Town Cabins

So let your imagination run wild and have some fun with your garden room ideas.

Choosing the style of your garden room

In garden buildings, the design can be in two ways. Some people are seeking a garden room in line with the design of their house while others prioritize cost-effectiveness and seek a design that fulfils their specific needs for additional space.

Garden Room by London Town Cabins
Garden Room by London Town Cabins

In general, the wood building will provide contrast to your garden space and in any garden this option will be able to work well. Our modern garden rooms are bespoke creations, so you can easily discover the perfect one for you.

We have created modern garden rooms and contemporary garden rooms based on our client’s unique needs.

We prioritize functionality – multi-functional space – but also make sure that your extra space is an eye-catching and unique piece of art. Our process is simple, and communication is vital to design your dream garden building.

Add a green roof to your modern garden room.

Living roof in a garden room by London Town Cabins
Living roof in a garden room by London Town Cabins
Living roof in a garden room by London Town Cabins
Living roof in a garden room by London Town Cabins

Generally, a good garden design should match your home and garden decor. Whether you want a bohemian, wildlife-friendly design or a lush living space, you can use a living roof to match your style.

We can create a green roof in your garden studio so you can enjoy the foliage, flowers and fauna in your outside space while enjoying the functionality of your contemporary garden room.

Garden rooms options design ideas.

Create a games room to have fun.

Play games, relax and have a great host, all in one entertaining space. Build a home gym, art studio, guest room, yoga studio, hobby room or outdoor games room to entertain the whole family.

Garden playroom by London Town Cabins
Garden playroom by London Town Cabins

Ensure the party never stops with a garden room bar.

Garden bars will surely satisfy your interest but can be a permanent feature in your private home bar garden room.

Set up an outdoor space with a spot where you can sit, a bar where you can make a tipple, and maybe a fridge to keep the drink cold on warm days.
Pop some couches and projection screens inside your garden area, bar or room, and you can easily host movie nights and private screenings.

We designed this garden bar specifically to fit our client’s lifestyle and give off a tropical vibe, making it feel like they’re in a beach area.

Insulated with electric garden bar by London Town Cabins
Insulated with electric garden bar by London Town Cabins

Work-life balance with a garden room office

Garden office is some of the most popular garden room ideas of 2023, and it makes sense due to remote working. Our large garden room or office has become a popular choice for some. 

This standalone structure provides a separate and private space where you focus on working.

Garden Office by London Town Cabins
Garden Office by London Town Cabins

Work is work, and home is home – to create a great work-life balance, you need to separate the two.

With a garden cabin, at the end of the day, you can relax at home and spend valuable time with family without waisting time stuck in the traffic.

Cost to commute eliminated by garden cabins offices

Your remote working space should inspire you to do the best job every day, and the 30-second commute is a winner when deciding to have a small garden room.

It enables an efficient, controlled work environment, making it ideal for achieving a better work-life balance.

These professional garden rooms offer a fantastic way for those who wish to keep personal space and cut costs while living in a home office.

Frequently asked questions when starting your garden room project.

How much do our garden rooms cost?

Every garden office is created with the client to meet exacting standards and their bespoke design. The cost of a timber garden room can vary depending on the size and specifications, like the windows and doors style.

Learn more about our prices.

Do you need planning permission for garden rooms?

In general, garden rooms are considered separate buildings and typically do not require planning permission. As a garden room company, we know the latest planning permission requirements and have compiled a comprehensive guide for garden room projects that you can find here.

Since 2002, we have been providing great garden ideas  for homeowners and commercial clients alike. Our team of experts will work with you to create your building, using top quality materials and skills.”

David Duval-Johnston —

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Create Your Dream Garden Gym

At London Town Cabin, we understand the importance of maximising your time to achieve your personal and professional goals. That’s why our customers opt for a garden room in their home as a practical solution. Our years of experience have proved that a garden room is convenient for busy professionals keen to achieve a work-life balance.

Many of our clients love using their garden room as a workplace, but plenty of other options are available. One of our bespoke offerings is a garden gym building where you can create an ideal workout environment.

With a garden gym, you have endless possibilities for customisation. We give you complete control over your workout environment. Our team of experts can guide you while creating a space that fits your needs, preferences and style. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sharing music with a gym full of people or waiting for equipment to be available. The gym will be open and fully operative 24/7.

Check out this fantastic private garden gym we just recently finish:

Our customers wanted to create a dedicated workout space while maximising their garden area. With our garden room, they now have a personal gym just a few steps away from their home.

A garden gym by London Town Cabins

✅ External dimensions are 6.0m wide, 3.6m deep, and 2.5m high. Internal area 17m2
✅ Integrated store fully powered and insulated
✅ Extra ground screws to support gym equipment
✅ Vertical Red Cedar batten open-cladding to front elevation
✅ Three-sash sliding glass doors in dark grey
✅ Double sockets, ceiling downlights
✅ Exterior downlights to canopy.

Want to learn more about this garden room?

If you’re looking to transform your garden, contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to a beautiful and functional garden room.


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