At London Town Cabin, we understand the importance of maximising your time to achieve your personal and professional goals. That’s why our customers opt for a garden room in their home as a practical solution. Our years of experience have proved that a garden room is convenient for busy professionals keen to achieve a work-life balance.

Many of our clients love using their garden room as a workplace, but plenty of other options are available. One of our bespoke offerings is a garden gym building where you can create an ideal workout environment.

With a garden gym, you have endless possibilities for customisation. We give you complete control over your workout environment. Our team of experts can guide you while creating a space that fits your needs, preferences and style. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sharing music with a gym full of people or waiting for equipment to be available. The gym will be open and fully operative 24/7.

Check out this fantastic private garden gym we just recently finish:

Our customers wanted to create a dedicated workout space while maximising their garden area. With our garden room, they now have a personal gym just a few steps away from their home.

A garden gym by London Town Cabins

✅ External dimensions are 6.0m wide, 3.6m deep, and 2.5m high. Internal area 17m2
✅ Integrated store fully powered and insulated
✅ Extra ground screws to support gym equipment
✅ Vertical Red Cedar batten open-cladding to front elevation
✅ Three-sash sliding glass doors in dark grey
✅ Double sockets, ceiling downlights
✅ Exterior downlights to canopy.

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