A very short commute

Your own garden office cabin is the ultimate expression of personal choice and the power to create an environment specially designed to meet your individual requirements, tastes and even peculiarities!

Many companies now consider the traditonal nine-to-five approach of working in commercial offices to be outdated. Increasingly sophisticated computer and communication systems have made it possible for staff to work either full-time or part-time at home.

Part of the fun of working at home is deciding how you want your office to look. There is no need to re-create the look of a commercial office. Of course some of your design decisions will be based on the kind of work you plan to do in the garden office cabin.

Your budget will also influence your decisions, but it is important to create a pleasing, adaptable, garden office cabin that can be rearranged to provide extra space when the relatives visit. Enjoy building your office but be careful, you may end up with such a wonderful space that you won’t want to leave. 


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