Work from home

Spacious and comfortable cabins give you a seamless work from home environment. With electricity, running water and room to accommodate visitors, the interior can be open, aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional. Work with minimal interference in a garden office cabin built to your very own specifications.


Build a home workshop

Pursue your hobby by creating a beautiful home workshop complete with perfect lighting and extra storage space. Choose a simple space-saving fold-down work table or a classic European workbench with bespoke shelving and cupboard space. Include running water, electricity or wifi speakers. It's your choice!


Home gym & yoga studio

Save a fortune on monthly gym membership fees by letting us create your ideal home gym & yoga studio. Boost your physical and mental health, enhance your yoga skills and deepen your meditation with spacious garden studios that can also double up as guest bedrooms when friends or family pay a you visit.


Insulated garden rooms with electrics

We always design our garden rooms considering your needs and comfort. Our full insulation provides a cosy environment no matter what the weather is outside. Also, you can customize your garden room with lighting, heating, and entertainment systems to create the perfect atmosphere for you.



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Garden Space Ideas from Professional Designers

We are known for our bespoke design service, where an extra level of detail is added to each project. Creative, receptive and not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible, in any space or location.

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Learn how we can support you in building your dream garden gym, where you can effortlessly embrace a healthy lifestyle right from the comfort of your own home.

Experience productivity and timeless elegance with our Scandinavian-style garden office. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and featuring high-quality materials.

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