Why build a home workshop:

  • Everything you need is stored within easy reach
  • The lighting is perfect for every task
  • Good ventilation controls dust and moisture
  • A climate control system keeps the temperature comfortable year round
  • The space is optimised for your workflow
  • Sturdy work surfaces are available when you need them or fold away when you don’t
  • It’s close to home (very close)
  • Our garden cabins are beautiful and you will love them

Does that sound like a dream home workshop?

Now it’s affordable and within easy reach. Have a garden cabin space specifically designed to your requirements with space for your all of your tools and any project you are building or planning to build. Your space could be small, large, basic or elaborate. It’s up to you.

Welcome to the world of garden home workshops. Our team of electricians, landscapers, plumbers will design and create anything you require in your dream home workshop. We will provide ideas but you choose the design that is just right for you and for the garden space you have.


Realise your dream cabin with a
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