A Private Space to Work Out

Our clients wanted to create a dedicated workout space while maximizing their garden area. With our garden room, they now have a personal gym just a few steps away from their home.

The Garden gym is well-lit and ventilated, so it’s a comfortable place to work out. The clients are really happy with their new garden gym. They say it’s made it much easier to stick to their workout routine. They also love the fact that they can work out in the privacy of their own garden.

This garden gym took 3 weeks to complete.

Garden Gym Features

  • External dimensions are 6.0m wide, 3.6m deep, and 2.5m high. Internal area 17m2
  • Integrated store fully powered and insulated
  • Extra ground screws to support gym equipment
  • Vertical Red Cedar batten open-cladding to front elevation
  • Three-sash sliding glass doors in dark grey
  • Double sockets, Ceiling downlights
  • Exterior downlights to canopy