About the design

Every building goes through a critical phase, with qualified and professional engineers and draftsmen to make sure the structure works as well as it looks. We perform a complete structural design and modelling process, including calculations to derive the best specifications for each element of your garden room.

This determines the location and materials used in the structural framework, that provides strength and rigidity to the shell of the main frame. Where appropriate, timber or steel beams are included to the extent that they ensure quality without excessive use of environmentally unfriendly materials.

Step by step

The most exciting part for many of our customers. We can build your garden room while you are away, whatever suits you best. We provide electricity, water supply, plumbing, waste disposal, and other necessary facilities as much as possible. This ensures that the entire process is predictable and kept up to date.

Quality every time

All of our projects are designed for efficient and precise installation. It’s an advantage that we work quickly, so as your normal private life is less disrupted – but it’s certainly not a competition. The final product’s quality is the most important factor, something we never compromise.

There are some unpredictable factors in this process (weather conditions, subsoil conditions, etc.) and daylight hours make a difference, but we will keep you informed of any changes along the way.


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