About the process

We create rooms to the size, detail and style that fit your needs. One of the benefits of investing in a garden room is that you start with a blank canvas. You can start working on the factors that matter most to you.

Some of our customers are already convinced of the ‘look’ and style they love. This may be from our website, or you may have seen our room in a friend’s garden. In this case, the garden room design process only needs to scale the building to fit the site, place doors and windows, and other details such as outlet placement.

What to expect

Our process greatly reduces the usual waste, mess, and clutter typically associated with some other building practices. We make a realistic and honest assessment of what to expect and accommodate specific needs where possible

The end result is a beautiful building that you can use and enjoy right away. We love what we do and our goal is always to finish with a smile of satisfaction and jo

Quality Every Time

Operating throughout London, we organize the most efficient delivery methods to minimize the carbon footprint of your projects and ensure reliability and efficiency. Prepared items are carefully loaded onto vehicles to arrive at the point of use in correct order, timely and in perfect condition.

We consider the storage space available on site and the scope of the project. Some items may arrive several days after the installation process to ensure they are protected from damage. We look at site access, warn about delivery vehicle sizes, minimize the number of deliveries wherever possible, and minimize the potential for disruption to normal life and the lives of nearby residents.


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