The humble magic of an improvised dwelling

The need for a modern home office in London has become pressing for many during the pandemic. For most this has meant repurposing an existing room, not many have a room that could be genuinely described as ‘spare’.

Sheds have long provided a haven, a space to tinker, work, read, or just think. Sometimes, it takes the view of an outsider to give us perspective. Ted Dewan is the writer and illustrator of the Bing children’s cartoons. He works in an Oxford shed inherited from author Philip Pulman, of ‘His Dark Materials’ fame, who passed it on with the covenant that it only be used for creative purposes. Dewan, American born and raised, says “I love the fact that the humility of sheds is celebrated here… it’s a country that appreciates the humble magic of an improvised dwelling.”

A proud tradition ready to be updated

We would argue that things have moved on considerably since Dewan made his analysis. Humble is not often a word that springs to mind when we are designing workspaces for clients. Improvisation too is pretty much a thing of the past. Today we can use modern materials and technology to create perfectly bespoke environments, designed to precisely meet a client’s needs.

Traditionally, the shed was a space where Dads and Grandads would store everything required to manage that other British essential, the garden. Beyond a repository for garden tools, it could be adopted to serve as a workshop for everything from one-man engineering projects to writing best sellers and whatever it is that artist Damien Hirst is up to at the moment – his team might work in a huge East London studio but Mr. Hirst still prefers his Devon timber-built space. That versatility seemed to ensure their enduring capacity to embrace change and stay relevant… but nothing has proved the theory like the events of 2020.

London Town Cabins was created to deliver on the promise of more working space in London.

Trend toward home working

Data published by finder at the end of September showed that 60% of the UK’s adult population were working from home. 26% of them declared an intention to continue working at home, permanently or occasionally, beyond lockdown. It has sharply continued a trend that was being seen prior to the pandemic, with the numbers almost doubling in a ten year period as employers and employees learn the benefits.

Of course, there is a downside. As well as the challenges of loneliness there are the pragmatic issues of trying to combine work and home life. Particularly true in a lock-down where space is being shared with family, especially children unable to attend school. Then there are the thousand interruptions we are prone to at home, the doorbell chief among them. Barking dogs, washing machines, street noise, calls to the landline… the list is seemingly endless.

A modern home office design

Your modern home office in London

The appeal of an extra room, completely separate from the main house, has become compelling. The days of retreating to a spartan timber cell in the garden are well behind us. Spaces that needed a paraffin heater running for 30 minutes just to take the damp and chill from the air before the fingers functioned well enough to take on a typewriter belong firmly in the 20th Century. Today, we can offer a perfect, modern home office in London.

Our garden offices are designed to serve client requirements precisely. Light, heating, and connectivity are all major considerations shared by all – and there are fantastic options to meet the technical and environmental choices of even the most selective client.

Value-added benefits

Every project is an engagement. David, a qualified engineer himself, guides every client through the list of decisions they are invited to take. At the same time, he welcomes original contributions from the client and accommodates them into the finished design. There are parameters, of course, budget and local planning regulations will ultimately dictate what gets built.  David’s experience of navigating through these potential obstacles is brought to bear so that the end result is as close as can be to the original idea.

In regard to budget, a bespoke office building is superb value for money. Any estate agent will confirm they add value to a property – a fact that has never been truer than it is now. In regard to planning, the rules are pretty relaxed around these structures, even in conservation areas it is usually possible to get to the result you want without sacrifice. Compared to converting a loft or digging out a basement the cost is negligible and the time frame is a blink of an eye.

Perfect home working is a phone call away

Working from home does not have to come with drawbacks. A seperate purpose built office offers everything you get from a traditional workspace with many added benefits, not least the commute. There has never been a better time to take the decision to build the bespoke office for your needs, whatever your needs. For George Bernard Shaw it was the quiet and privacy working in his shed brought him. He named it ‘London’ so that callers to the front door could be told, in all truth, that George was ‘in London’.

Whatever your motivation or aspirations for the space, your best foot forward is a chat with David to share your ideas, get answers to questions, and receive a free quotation. You can call David now on 020 8341 9712 or send a message and we will get straight back to you.